With the Zukunftszentrum, the Chamber of Labor provides a center for lifelong learning – locally and synergistically networked with the new social economy university in the center of Innsbruck. The experimental nature of this task involves the constant search for the “new”, which is to be taught architectually to the learners.
The client imagines an experimental “work in progress”, a combination of variable and lasting elements, an alternative definition of adaptive zones with a stimulating, challenging atmosphere and, in the future center, even surpasses these expectations.
The floor plan forms a “learning city”. In the northern part is strictly ordered the “working city”, in the southern part is the organically designed “Lernpark”, in between the “public square” as meeting place, discussion and presentation, multimedia virtual reality arena and cafeteria.
The creative capacities are stimulated by new unusual materials and constructions and surprising spatial effects. The workshop character shows up in the absence of a conventional floor covering. Instead, the anhydride plate of the double bottom is developed further. The plate was dyed in anthracite in the production and hydrophobed. For the partition walls and the furniture were used recycled plastic panels. Red acoustic felt on the walls, a green outdoor sports flooring and translucent glass boxes for the wet-rooms characterize the character of the interior.
AUFTRAGGEBER Arbeiterkammer Tirol
LOCATION Innsbruck, Austria
DATE 2002-2003
PROJECT DATA Interior Design 2.200 qm
PHOTOS Thomas Jantscher


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