The 3 villas are part of the Masterplan Breite Furt and are located in a large park, protected from street noise by the new buildings along Breitenfurter Straße (Markt & Schule, ON 239). The urban planning goals were to create a high permeability despite the required density, to interlock the residential area with the green space and to create a connection to the natural area “Wilde Liesing”.
The three compact structures are staggered in height, surrounded by sprawling spaces and close to nature open spaces. The apartments on the ground floor have private gardens, while on the upper floors, the residents can operate on spacious balconies and terraces with raised plant troughs “Urban Gardening”. Diverse housing typologies adapt to the needs of different users and enable a good social and demographic mix.
LOCATION Wien, Österreich
PROJECT DATA 3  City-villa, 181 Apartments – Masterplan: Breite Furt
PHOTOS Franz Ebner