15 MAY – 18 JULY 2021



Architecture is the supreme discipline of the arts and includes environmental design in a broad sense. In this sense, the architect Giulia Decorti, partner of LORENZATELIERS, was chosen for the concept and setting up of the BID21ART inside Magazzino 26 of the Porto Vecchio in Trieste. The Old Port of Trieste, in its time the new Austro-Hungarian commercial port, was also the main theme of the presentation of the LA COSTA TRIESTINA urban planning concept in summer 2018 and represents an excellent example of modern and functional urban development which, thanks to a successful metamorphosis, was able to take on new tasks in an optimal way. On the contrary, nowadays this precious place has been fighting for years against an uncertain future basically due to the lack of extensive and deep urban planning.
“I chose to transform Magazzino 26 into a real building site, usually the place where a vision becomes, in the hope that this space will become an incubator of creativity, a place for meetings, speeches, reflections, ideas, … on art but also on urban planning and architecture that would be so useful in Trieste! We have all kinds of difficulties in setting up this edition but I hope that the goal that we set ourselves at the beginning with so much idealism will be achieved by demonstrating that even in Trieste, if wanted, with a quality project we can compete again at an international level. “