In 1999, LORENZATELIERS developed a master plan for the community of Telfs for the new settlement Telfs-Puite and grouped around a new village square school, church, kindergarten and retirement home with the MPreis market as an unmistakable landmark.
“Wohnen zur Sonne” offers the highest quality of living within the narrow cost limit for social housing. Coloured panels in the grey-clad façade create identity, since each apartment can be assigned the same from the outside. Curved, large balconies open uncompromisingly to the sun and the magnificent view of the mountains. Solar panels in the parapets and on the roof and the low-energy concept reduce operating costs.
CLIENT Tigewosi tiroler gemeinnützige wohnungsbau und siedlungs ges.m.b.h
LOCATION Telfs, Austria
DATE 2003-2004
PROJECT DATA subsidized housing