The Tyrolean food chain MPreis has relied on qualified architecture for many years. Without the specification of a particular corporate identity, open to new architectural concepts. Particularly significant: the new SuperM in Telfs.
The initial idea is based on the urban spatial experience of a high market hall, transformed in a contemporary way. Gray-colored exposed concrete walls on the avalanche side, the two main façades glazed over a large area, the steel roof roofing as a sweeping clamp above. The formal game with the roof is functionally justified as a sunscreen.
In terms of urban planning, the building is the first urban and identity-forming gesture on the main access road of the new settlement Telfs-Puite. LORENZATELIERS had previously designed the master plan for Puite area. The expressively curved market hall goes back to the momentum of the Moebius loop: an elegantly curved form combines the functions of a roof, a sunshade canopy and the gallery inside. The materials offer an exciting interplay of glass over exposed concrete to clad steel. The side surfaces are fully glazed and offer impressive views of the surrounding mountains. In the glass, a metal mesh is inserted, which adapts the transparency depending on the incidence of light.
LOCATION Telfs, Austria
DATE 2001-2001
PROJECT DATA supermarket, 800 qm
PHOTOS Thomas Jantscher