Sottolfaro means “under the lighthouse“ and is a 1926 erected monument to the victory of the Italians over the Austrians in the First World War. Perhaps a motive for the massive protest of the local fascist party, which called for the setting of this project by means of a signature list. Without success.
The steeply sloping land on a busy street offers a unique panoramic view of the Gulf of Trieste – “the city with the most beautiful sunsets in the world”. All the important rooms of the six apartments are uncompromisingly oriented towards this unique natural space.
The building floats with sweeping terraces and sun protection areas over the “Pastini”, the terraced, historic acreage. The lift tower and an open staircase are placed in front of the building in a walk-gorge. Above galvanized steel access bridges, the apartments are arranged on three levels below street level. The offset levels provide privacy and small private gardens, while allowing sea views.
architektur.aktuell, 02.2006
CLIENT Sottolfaro srl
LOCATION Trieste, Italy
DATE 2001-2004
PROJECT DATA 6 apartments
PHOTOS Paolo Utimpergher
AWARDS  2010 premio marcello d’olivo