Wiengas commissioned LORENZATELIERS 2010 with a master plan for meaningful reuse for the 140,000 m² site of the former Leopoldau gasworks. The area is characterized by heritage-protected brick buildings and the striking 50-meter-high ball gas tanks from the 80s.
The master plan deals with future-oriented urban planning criteria. An autonomous district is to develop, which is based on the urbanity of the city center and not on the usual suburban Tristesse.
Identity-creating features such as the historic buildings and the two spheres are preserved and reused. The needs of pedestrians and cyclists are taken into account. Large collective garages minimize car traffic and increase the quality of living. The remaining street space is “fairly shared” between all road users. The “Shopping and Entertainment Center” keeps the residents in the district and avoids car rides. A “green net” extends the existing tree population and creates spacious, park-like green spaces.
Numerous model studies for the approx. 1,500 apartments serve as the basis for an optimal development plan and the following architectural competitions.
Already sprouting cultural initiatives – essential for the urban quality in the rapidly growing 21st district – are given room for further development.
As an urban development lock, the ‘TECHNOSAURUS’ connects the loosely distributed building ensembles into a new district. As an optimal basis for the settlement of young, innovative companies he strengthens the technology location Floridsdorf.
CLIENT Wienenergie Gasnetz
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
PROJEKCT DATA area of ~140.000 qm: 1.500 apartments, shopping & entertainment center, offices, retail