In close cooperation with urban planning, LORENZATELIERS developed a detailed master plan for the area southeast of the u3-station Zippererstraße in Simmering. One part of this was realized by Sozialbau AG: a building complex with 140 apartments plus a kindergarten.
In the form of low-cost smart apartments, the subsidized new Viennese housing program for affordable housing is being implemented here. The apartments are based on intelligent complete solutions that are well thought out and suitable for everyday use. Compact floor plans ensure that all living space can be used optimally. Rental costs for not necessary areas are avoided.
The three bent structures are arranged in meandering manner on the area as prescribed in the master plan. This results in the middle of semi-public courtyards, from which one reaches all the staircases. Slightly staggered colourful windows let you immediately recognize the function of the kindergarten on the ground floor.
CLIENT Sozialbau
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
PROJECT DATA Housing, 140 apartments, kindergarden
MASTERPLAN Mehrwert Simmering
PHOTOS Andreas Buchberger