The competition entry, which was awarded 3rd prize, was designed by the planning team LORENZATELIERS (north structure), Henke Schreieck Architekten (high-rise building) and the landscape architects Auböck+Kárász.
The design essentially follows the guidelines of the design manual “lake terraces”: The outdoor spaces widened in the direction of the subway were oriented inward in favor of a spatially homogeneous quarter formation, thus creating a sequence of plazas from north to south with differentiated view relationships into the immediate surroundings and inclusion of the surrounding area. Connecting elements and coordinated color schemes of the individual buildings create a holistic ensemble, which is reinforced by the non-directional flooring that extends from the urban space into the first floors.
The position of the four structures in relation to each other and the architectural design are owed to the following urban planning principles:
The 14m high Central Hall stands out from the three towers by its simple but metropolitan language as a public building next to the subway station. Above all, the permeability of the ground floor zones, which are glazed on all sides, and the connecting arcade support the functional interaction of this “inner-city” area in the Urban Lakeside: translucency to the shopping street, food court + gourmet store as well as commerce on the upper floors.
The 35m high Grey Trapezoid is space-forming on the north and south sides together with the front side of the central hall for the “Quartiersplatz” and the “Seebogenplatz”. The trapezoidal form leads to individual apartment floor plans.
The 51m high Red Tower is tilted towards the lake and on the one hand allows many apartments views of the lake, and on the other hand the shaping of the inward facing neighbourhood square. The roof terrace offers urban gardening under the translucent PV roof. The parallel building wing allows for simple floor plans. The tower is entirely in rust red, with different materials resulting in a lively but strong appearance “tone in tone”.
The high-rise building, planned by Henke Schreieck Architekten, with its clear basic form of a stepped trapezoid on an orthogonal base corresponds with the concise prism of the “HoHo” high-rise building opposite and forms a quietly accentuated conclusion to the small-scale, height-differentiated development along the lakeside promenade.
CLIENT  MIW KOMP 2 Verwaltungs GmbH
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
COMPETITION 2023, 3rd place
PROJECT PARTNER Henke Schreieck Architekten
LANDSCAPE PLANNING Auböck + Kárász landscape architects
PROJECT DATA 23.000qm gross floor area residential use, 7.700qm gross floor area commercial use
RENDERINGS virtual dynamix