The short shopping promenade at the entrance to Söll is built as a two-part cube around an old oak tree. The façade was clad with horizontally laid wooden trunks of different lengths – functionally as sun and privacy protection, but also as an aesthetically dominant design feature. This “curtain” also creates a sheltered outdoor area that creates an attractive shopping situation with the canopy facing the street, comparable to urban arbors or galleries.
Inside, glass, exposed concrete and stainless steel provide urban flair. Accented by rustic elements like raw tree trunks or slender bare steel columns, on which rest the long canopies. Great importance is attached to the visual axes and visual references to the surroundings. Everywhere in the market, postcard-like views of the “Wilder Kaiser” in the north, the “Hohe Salve” ski area in the south and the Baroque church in the west open up.
Inspired by the Baroque church, the artist Franz Mölk designed a work of art for the interior. Six baroque Plexiglas ceiling mirrors reflect the colorful range of products, which is alienated and turned upside down in the room. Mölk refers to the Baroque ceiling frescoes, which attempt to break the two-dimensionality and open the view into the sky.
LOCATION Söll, Austria
PROJECT DATA supermarket & restaurant, effective area 1.180 qm
PHOTOS Wolfgang Rzehak, Bárbara González, Schreyer David