The client wanted a “cool market” – protected from the sun and heat. At the edge of the village, surrounded by meadows, mountains, forests, stacks of wood. And within a strict time and cost frame. LORENZATELIERS has fulfilled this wish – with a simple cube surrounded by debarked, untreated spruce trunks.
Set at irregular intervals in front of the facade, the tree trunks provide low-cost sun protection in front of the ceiling-high glazing. They mark semi-public spaces as village meeting places directly on the market. They filter the summer light and create exciting light and shadow games in the interiors and interiors, forming a uniform structure that blends harmoniously into the environment and still maintains its independence.
After initial amazement, the acceptance among the population was enormously high – wood being a traditional material builds a bridge to the understanding of modern architecture.
LOCATION Niederndorf, Austria
PROJECT DATA supermarket, effective area ca. 1.420qm
PHOTOS Thomas Jantscher
AWARDS 2006 Rosenheimer wood construction award, 2006 Nomination of MPreis for the State Prize for Architecture, 2008 World Architecture Community Awards 2nd Cycle, 2009 best Architects 10