Langer Anger is a development of the master plan “Mehrwert Simmering” with 300 apartments, offices and shops. The compact corner building of the dormitory “Langeranger Ost” limits the complex in the north-east, while simultaneously marking a “city edge” in the east. The functions are arranged horizontally: on the ground floor a food market, above it a dormitory with 112 furnished apartments for persons in need of a temporary accommodation and 13 apartments with two to four rooms on the top floors.
The concept of space interprets the classic Viennese Pawlatschenhaus – all apartments are accessed via a central atrium covered with arcades. The Pawlatschen have always been elements of social living: people meet each other on the halls, which facilitates the reception of contacts and social encounter.
“Affordable living in a dormitory” requires cost-effectiveness in a small space and functional solutions. In addition to this, a wide range of common areas creates a generous sense of living. The minimal budget leaves no space for architectural detail, the focus is on an urban concept.
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
PROJECT DATA residential home + supermarket, 112 furnished apartments, 13 apartments, supermarket
MASTERPLAN Mehrwert Simmering
PHOTOS Franz Ebner