Already in 2006, Lorenzateliers worked on an urban development study for ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH for a former industrial estate in the Innsbruck district of Mühltal. The northern glacier moraine creates an extremely attractive, south-facing slope along the entire urban area, which has always been a preferred residential area.
In Kreuzgasse 32-34, two south-facing, terraced building rows with 44 apartments are being built. The different altitude maximizes the quality of living and also ensures the sun and views on the ground floor. The entire property remains traffic-free. The garage is grouped around a partially open, leafy courtyard, which allows enough daylight and will provide the residents with a safe, pleasant driveway. The south facade opens with large windows, the north facade is largely closed except for the necessary skylights – so you get a very good energy balance.
Large balconies and terraces contribute to the particular attractiveness of the apartments. One part is planned as “Young Lofts”. The aim is to address young people and families who deal with current, urban forms of living.
The children’s playground is located on the west side of the property. Due to the noise protection barrier running into the slope, a spatially very “protective situation” is created which, with the new planting, makes an attractive transition into natural space possible.
CLIENT Zima Wohn- Und Projektmanagement Gmbh
LOCATION Innsbruck, Austria
PROJECT DATA residential building, 12 apartments