A competent client made high demands on contemporary quality of life, flexible use, long-term added value, unmistakable architecture. The city villa Conrad 3 looks like a self-confident, but willing to integrate building between the historic facades of the Innsbrucker Conradstraße. A filigree staircase made of steel and a significant lift tower form the Schaufront. the V-pillars on the ground floor lend the compact structure made of exposed concrete a floating lightness. The intervening facades are treated with a special process “rusty”. The living rooms with expansive terraces are located in the noise-protected west overlooking the garden. All interiors have no load-bearing walls and can therefore easily be adapted to individual usage requirements.
The distinctive design idiom, the sophisticated functionality and the clear orientation make Conrad 3 a pioneer of modern, contemporary villa architecture in ensemble-protected urban space.
LOCATION Innsbruck, Austria
DATE 1998-2003
PHOTOS Thomas Jantscher