In an exemplary cooperation between the developer Buwog, the changing political leaders, the competent authorities and the architects, an attractive district in Atzgersdorf emerges: about 900 affordable housing, social infrastructure (school, kindergarten), a public space with food market, trade and Commercial spaces, etc. create an urban quality that is oriented towards the city center.
The market is located directly on the road and shields the residential complexes from traffic noise. The green center of the development plan forms a public, nature-oriented park, which takes up and expands the natural landscape of the “wild Liesing”. A living whole organism with squares, passageways and a large piazza provides urban space for stay, play and relaxation. The 1,500 m² Piazza der Breiten Furt is not only the gateway to the market, but also a meeting place, connection to the park and access to the southeast residential areas.
Vienna is committed to renewable energies. Forward-looking strategies and concrete specifications make the district “Breite Furt” a showcase project for energy efficiency. The realization of a “Solar Power Plant” is being worked on.
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
DATE 2009, 2011-2013