The innovative head of BORA places high demands on the architects. In-house exhibitions will take the place of participation in trade fairs. He decided to invest in “the lion’s den” where the competition is greatest – North Rhine-Westphalia. Hence the location in Herford – directly on the exit from the motorway in a “haphazard chaos of industry”. Herford receives a prominent city entrance – BORA an appealing attraction for its customers: exhibition, training, restaurant, events, etc. After a fulminant brainstorming session with 10 project ideas, the decision was made in favor of a 100m long “wing”: the new BORA FLAGSHIPSTORE. The lenticular profile on the freeway embankment corresponds to the inverted finger sign and leans towards the drivers for the best possible view, with the back turned away from the existing residential buildings. With its metallic shell, the building is reminiscent of an airplane that is just taking off or that gives the impression of hovering a few meters above the ground. In this way, the parking lot is sheltered from the weather. The combination of galvanized and differently perforated steel elements with colored glass elements gives the façade a rhythmic, yet exceptional appearance. The inside of the wing accommodates a fascinating exhibition space with a partially inserted level for the restaurant. The architecture should convey the BORA message: high-tech, metal, sustainable and unique appearance.
CLIENT WB Immobilien GmbH
LOCATION Herford, Germany
PROJECT DATA 3.900 qm effective area, exhibition and show-cooking spaces, restaurant