The dormitory Base 11 opposite the gasometers is part of the master plan “Mehrwert Simmering”. This urban development model results in the trapezoidal ground plan, which is based on the subway station and the dominant gasometers. 306 apartments in a rough, factory-like building, minimalist rooms and spacious common areas were built on a tight budget. The reduced equipment is compensated with exciting spatial sequences and staged light guides. Narrow corridors open up to communicative places, low corridors open to the 21-meter high glazed foyer. Daylight in all corridors and views of the city ensure a safe orientation.
The foyer connects all floors and brings light and space into the building. On three sides, corridors with galvanized perforated metal parapets open up the rooms. Colourful doors and rough concrete walls create a rhythmic graphic structure – simple design tools with great impact that allow a high degree of individuality and identification with the home.
Due to the robust, easy-care equipment, the maintenance and operating costs can be kept low. The straightforward concept of the building – development, floor plan, supporting structure, TGA planning – creates a great functional rigor. Open-air loggias, the leafy courtyard, the rooftop terrace, lounge, studios and party rooms provide students from all over the world with a creative, communicative environment.
CLIENT KALLCO Development Gmbh
LOCATION Vienna, Austria
PROJECT DATA 306 furnished apartments
PHOTOS Kurt Kuball, Adrien Fouéré