The concept of building over the zones of train tracks at Franz Josef Station blends factors of city planning and city morphology with high quality of residence and recreation in a very complex, unique part of the city. The major goal is to tran­scend the barrier-effect of the train station by me­ans of a gently modulated park. This landscape component (developed in close cooperation with Proap Landscape and Design Studio in Lisbon, Por­tugal) melds the quarters which are isolated from each other and the four new buildings which com­prise the building-over of it. This, too, is an example of the architectural concept of connectivity. This concept was developed in cooperation with Prof. Christoph Luchsinger of the Technical University of Vienna. The goal was to create living residences, to generate even in small apartment units the best possible quality and lighting. This was then comple­mented by diverse venues for new and attractive uses and valuable open spaces for the district. An urban diversity which merges buildings, atmos­phere, communication and a plethora of ‘worlds’ was the ultimate result. A competition which from the very start suffered from overdone demands of density and floor space, as well as questionable concessions to city planners.

AUFTRAGGEBER 6B47 Althan Quartier Projektentwicklungs GmbH
STANDORT Vienna, Austria
WETTBEWERB 2017-2018
PROJEKTDATEN construction of housing, office and commercial buildings with open space design, competition entry, selection for 2nd stage