Archaeological uncovering of the original substance, a glass pane with lettering in front of the exterior wall, a blue glass tunnel acts as a front door and separates the bank premises – the concept aims on the one hand to a very reduced, clear expansion in contrast to existing historical architectural elements, on the other hand to a transparent and inviting design under the motto “The open bank”.
First of all, all superfluous installations and separations were removed, reducing the historical fabric of the building to the essential and worth preserving. Thereafter, the new was inserted in a contemporary language with materials such as rubber granules, aluminum and steel, but above all by glass structures, in order to achieve maximum internal transparency.
The passage to the staircase is a transparent blue glass tunnel in the historic area. Correspondingly, a blue glass elevator leads to the office and consulting rooms on the first floor.
Reduction and clarity, but also the elegance of the interior design of this bench are visible in the street front. The historic facade has been preserved, only large-sized glass panels with the subtle lettering of the bank are placed in front of it.
CLIENT Skwb Schöllerbank
LOCATION Innsbruck, Austria
DATE 2000-2001
PROJECT DATA bank premesis
PHOTOS Thomas Jantscher